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🔥 Love this idea of "upside-down marketing". Seems to be well in line with @Category Pirates and WOM (word of mouth). And, the No-Sell Sell.

I've been darn fortunate over this past year and a bit. When I walked from corporate employment in the spring of '22, I had little for a 'plan' other than knowing I was not going to work in toxicity anymore.

As I researched, pondered, and wrote online daily (mainly LinkedIn) - a few months in, a former colleague reached out. Rather than me contracting him (which I'd done in a sr. leadership role), he asked if I could assist his work. It started small and grew month by month.

Now that relationship has become a big part of my new gig as a digital writer trying to build in The Creator Economy. And WOM is spreading from there. "Reputation is currency" Indeed. 🙌

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