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Welcome to Consulting Intel.

I know, you guessed it: I'm a career Management Consultant. I spent two decades working for large Consulting firms advising clients all over the world.

Literally, all over the world.

As a consultant, I am used to travel on a weekly basis, racking up airmiles, hotels and credit cards points. I worked in the USA, Europe, Oceania, Asia: I really had some amazing times, balanced by tough moments where loneliness, complex projects and difficult clients made my life hard.

And I'm still in business!

Why would you want to read me?

I have been in the consulting game for quite some time now, and picked up some good skills along the way. A little luck played its part but, grinding it out day after day, I grew from intern to Partner relatively quickly.

No matter how young you are: if you share a similar goal, I am here to help you.

In my consulting career, my direct clients have always been C-level members of Business or Technology departments at organizations of all sizes.

By now, I know what they want, how they behave, what challenges they face and, most importantly, what to do to help them.

Who am I?

I know what you are thinking. Who the hell are you, “The Management Consultant”?

Well, outside of work, I'm actually a funny guy. One of my bosses once told me that it's impossible to dislike me. I am not so sure about that, but I let him believe he was right! 🧠

These days, I am still working in the industry as a Partner for a well-known consulting firm.

Thank you for reading Consulting Intel. Feel free to share the love.


I don't like the attention, and by using a pseudonym I can be more open when sharing my knowledge online.

If you:

  1. want to accelerate your career in the management consulting industry,

  2. want to make it to Partner but are unsure how to get there as fast as possible,

  3. just started in Consulting and want to learn the strategies and tactics that will make you grow quickly,

I can help you.

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I write about:

  • personal thoughts from real work experiences

  • field-tested strategies for career elevation

  • timeless nuggets of wisdom to help corporate employees

  • how to protect yourself from corporate life taking over your life

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If you want to chat about consulting stuff in a more intimate and private environment, join us on the Consulting Intel server on Discord!

Discord isn’t the perfect platform - as we all know - but is the most immediate one: get a login, join the Consulting Intel server, and off you go - we can start chatting.

Thanks for sticking around, and looking forward to hearing from you all!

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