Ha, this hits home. I started my consultancy practice when I was 23 - but looked about 15. So growing some stubble was part of the plan. I think there's a lot to be said about authenticity - I definitely get your point there. I also think sometimes you just need to embrace the tactics which work you've outlined here.

I remember embracing similar things. Speaking with intent, being clear, concise, and direct. Getting comfortable taking the most prestigious chair in the room etc....Over time it just becomes more natural.

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Great article. Also, hats off to your boss for how she communicated it to you. We've all seen what happened when KPMG's guidance on how to dress and act got out in the public sphere. In my own, big4 experience... I witnessed firsthand how a poorly worded email from a senior partner went down like a lead balloon amongst senior associates. There's a skill in communicating candidly, and of course there's the gift you have for taking that on board and hitting home runs off of it.

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